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Stainless Steel Make Up LED Eyebrow Hair Removal Tweezers


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Why we need to repair our eyebrows? Exquisite eyebrows will make your face looked more beautiful. So, use the precision tweezers tip trim your own eyebrows as you wish that is very important.
Are you happy with the grow over eyebrow? Professional slant tweezers can help you to remove splinter ingrown hair, shape your beautiful eyebrows.
Features a LED light to help towards precision grooming,Ergonomic design making grooming easy,Light weight meaning these are ideal when traveling,Includes a carry case for easy portability
These are beautifully designed tweezers. The jaws meet perfectly for a sure grip, and the shape and matte finish of the handles make them easy to hold and manipulate precisely.
Made from medical-quality stainless steel, these tweezers will never rust or tarnish, and are easy to keep antiseptically clean.


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