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Ice Cube Mold 3D Grenade Shape Maker Bar Party Silicone Trays Mold



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High Quality!  Flexible High-Grade Silicone:  Dishwasher safe silicone ice cube tray with lid.

 This durable and flexible silicone ice tray won’t crack or break like a plastic ice tray; Easy to fill, remove, and clean.

Large Cocktail Beverage Chiller: Keep your cocktail or beverage chilled longer without watering down your drink. Nothing is worse than when you have the perfect cocktail or beverage recipe and halfway through your drink, it has become diluted and doesn’t taste the same.

Easy Release: Silicone provides flexible molds for a variety of uses.

The novelty large square mold shape can be used to freeze soup bases, chocolates, ice coffee, and juices for popsicles.

Great Party Additive for Fun: Great for Parties, Bars, Restaurants, Summer, Holiday Events, and Holiday Gifts. Long-lasting Ice Cubes for Whiskey, Cocktail, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Fruit Juice,
Punch, Soda Pop and Water. Fill the ice tray with colorful fruits or herbs to enhance your beverage.

Material: Silica Gel
Color: Army Green
Capacity: 150ml
1. The 3D grenade design ice cube mold is a great alternative to round ice or the a ice tray.
2. Perfect for adding to just about any drink Whiskey, Cocktail, Mixed Drinks, Juice, and more. It’s an ideal size for most glass sizes and can find room in any freezer.
3. A perfect gift – The grenade design ice cube mold makes great men’s, boys, or military gifts.
4. Long-lasting – A larger cube takes longer to melt, this mold will keep your drink cool without diluting all of the flavors.
5. Easy to use – pour water into the mold and place it in the freezer.
6. Dishwasher safe – Simply put the silicone in the dishwasher or wash it with soap water for cleaning.

Product Dimensions: 4.48 x 2.77 x 3.00

Package List:
1 × Silicone Mold

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4.48 × 2.77 × 3 in


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